Our walk starts in the morning at the top of the upper town, the Acropolis of Patras, the Castle that encloses the entire history of the city. In the summer, many cultural events and concerts take place until late at night. Heading to the upper town, we meet the only Turkish Hamam in Europe that still operates, open to both men and women. Located five minutes from the Turkish Bath, we can admire the Pantokratoras' Church, a miniature of the Aghia Sophia's Church in Constantinople. Two blocks down and across V. Georgiou square is the oldest conservatory in Greece, the Roman Odeon, which continues over the centuries to accommodate most artistic cultural events of the city, such as the famous "Municipality of Patras' Festival". The Festival program is attached. The Roman Hippodrome is located opposite the Roman Odeon.

Within walking distance, we find Psila-Alonia, one of the main squares of the city, where we can enjoy ice cream, coffee, ouzo or even a full meal in one of the many cafe-restaurants around the beautiful square. Right beneath the square, Trion Navarchon street is located, one of the several pedestrian areas of Patras, with many traditional restaurants. Going down the pedestrian street, we meet St. Andrew's Church, the patron saint of the city. It is considered the largest church in the Balkans and one of the major religious sites of Christendom, as inside the church lies the skull of St. Andrew. Opposite the church we can admire the lighthouse of the town. The nearby Press Museum, exhibiting tickets of the first modern Olympics in 1896 among other rare exhibits.
Then, following Maizonos Street we soon reach the city centre, where we can visit the Ethnological and Archeological Museum. The entrance to both museums is free.

At noon, you can visit one of the city's beaches located just 10 minutes away by bicycle. Here, you will have the opportunity to admire the largest cable bridge in the world, the Rio-Antirio, enjoying the beautiful sea.

An ideal afternoon trip is a visit to Achaia Clauss (open until 20:00), located in a suburb of Patras, just 10 minutes from the centre. Here we suggest you to try the amazing free Mavrodaphne (a red sweet wine) and enjoy the great view of Patras from the balcony.


In the evening you can dine in one of the exquisite restaurants of our city, or take a stroll in the marina while enjoying the beauty of the landscape.


Near downtown and within walking distance of each other are: the central bus station for Athens, Thessaloniki, Olympia (Zaimi and Othonos Amalias 2610-623886-8), bus station for Delphi, the train station (opposite the sq. Trion Symmachon, 2610-639108-9) and the ship departure gates for the Ionian Islands.