The Archaeological Museum of Patras

The Archaeological Museum of Patras

It opened its gates to the public in July 2009, and it is really amazing. It is modern, spacious and of course it is really interesting and has a distinct point of view, by presenting the archaeological finds of Achaia in a smart, fun and educative manner. It consists of three major rooms and their relating themes bring to light the funerary customs, the private and public life of the ancient inhabitants of Patras. The permanent exhibition follows the style of all modern museums of the world, which means that many of the exhibits are not “locked” inside window cases but are “liberated” so that all visitors of all ages can approach them within breathing distance. There also video walls, where slides are projected, offering interesting information. Educational programs are also prepared especially for children.


Patras Archaeological museum


The people who have dedicated many years to the museum and its exhibits – archaeologists, conservators & restorers, etc. – have created a welcoming, friendly and inspiring museum. Mosaics in excellent condition have been transported “inlay by inlay” from the Roman villas were excavated to the museum. Tombs and a sarcophagus have also been moved from their original location. Unique finds, such as parts of a Roman residence, a middle class home of the Roman times and a luxurious private bath are also housed in the museum.


The understanding of the life and interests of people in antiquity are completed by special reference to weaving, fishing, hunting, house decoration, hairstyles, make up, jewellery, clothing, toys and love life.
So go ahead and schedule a visit to the new Archaeological Museum of Patras; such efforts are definitely worth admiring! The museum is located on the new national highway of Athens-Patras 38-40 and it is open to the public every day (closed on Mondays). Opening hours are 8.30-15.00, and the telephone number is 2610 420645.