West of the Acropolis, in “Ano Poli” (upper city) you can visit Patra’s Roman Odeum, that was built at an earlier date than the Athens Odeum (Herodion 160 AD).


The geographer Pausanias who visited Patra in 170 AD, writes “it has the most beautiful decoration I have ever seen, excluding of course that of Athens”. As mentioned by Pausanias, inside the Odeum, which was a continuation of the ancient Agora, there was a statue of Apollo, made of loot, from the war against the Gauls (279 BC) when the Patrians has assisted the Aitolians.


During the following centuries, earthquakes, wars, and conquerors, destroyed the Odeum and covered it with earth and other buildings. From the small hill that was formed, only few parts remained uncovered. It came to light once again in 1889, when excavation works took place on hill for embankment of the port.


A number of decades were to go by before the beginning of reconstruction works, which were completed in 1965, the year during which the Odeum regained its initial form. In the same decade, the surrounded space was turn into an archaeological area where mosaics, sarcophagic and other ancient findings were displayed.


The Odeum consists of all main parts of a theatre, concave, orchestra, front-stage, stage and back-stage whilst the 23 rows of seats, can accommodate 2.300 spectators.


Since the establishment of the Patra International Festival, the Ancient Odeum constitutes its main stage, hosting top Greek and foreign artistic ensembles, during the summer months.


Patras Ancient Odeum


Opening hours 8:00 am- 2:30 pm. Except Mondays (entrance free of charge)


Tel.: 0030 2610220829